the ode of henry

Have you ever noticed that birds enjoy the morning? They sing as the run rises and fly about catching worms and other small insects they can take back to their nest to feed their young. Even on my morning runs, they are flying about from one place to another, grabbing food or twigs to add to their nest. Many birds like to chirp as the sun rises, just like a rooster. In a way, it is a nice way to help wake you up for early morning chores or duties.

Some birds like to get started before the sun rises. At what time does this occur? Between 4:00am-4:30am of course! Every morning, Henry (that is what I have chosen to name this bird), sits outside my apartment and chirps. While most birds stay in one place, Henry likes to be an adventurer. He flys from one window ledge to the next, working his way around my apartment. He not only chirps his merry little song, but he also pecks at the window. Not only does he like to let me know he can sing, he lets me know he keeps rhythm!

For the past two weeks, I have awoken to Henry pecking on my window, chirping his happy morning song, and otherwise living his happy bird life. I feel that I need to return this sweet, beautiful gift that Henry has decided to bestow upon my household. I have decided these are my top options:

1.) My first gift would special window ledges just for Henry. I would install it on each one just so he can continue to have any pick of any window on my apartment. What would make this ledge special? Let me tell you! As Henry lands, each window ledge would begin meowing, growling, or hissing just like a cat. This would be my own way of expressing my own feelings to Henry. I can only imagine his excitement as he lands on each window sill and hears the sounds of a lovely cat welcoming him to my apartment. While I enjoy this option, there is one major flaw: I will no longer hear Henry at 4:00am; instead, I will hear a cat. Not my favorite way to wake up.

2.) My second gift option for Henry would be new, energy efficient windows. They would be beautiful and attractive, definitely adding to the atmosphere of Henry’s morning song. I would make sure the glass is flush with the house structure making a ledge impossible. Henry would get to enjoy the new windows from the ground or from the neighbors house. This option would allow Henry remain in the neighborhood, see the new windows, and get to meet new people. The only issue is cost: energy efficient windows are expensive.

3.) My final option is my favorite. I will buy fireworks and set them on each window ledge. Attached to each bundle (yes, bundle) of fireworks will be an ignition system that will be triggered by the weight of a small bird (say Henry). I think this is another way to really show Henry how much I appreciate his music in a very festive way (I mean, the 4th of July is just around the corner). Not only will there be a spectacle of fireworks (and maybe I will throw in some music), but Henry will also be blown into next week, never sharing his song with me again.

In the end, none of these options will end up being reasonable in my current neighborhood. Maybe I will buy a cat.


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